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January 28, 2008



Very interesting....Is the "fluffing" a British man thing?, because I gotta tell ya, my British husband suffers the same or shall I say I suffer. Maybe it's the Marmite!


For some reason I too am fascinated with the 1930s, though I'm trying to figure out what America was like. I haven't figured out the attraction -- maybe the romance of old movies.

Is the fermentation process on the subway why you moved to Romania? :)


Wow. Just wow. Gotta tell you that I love, really love, the journey I have been on yesterday and today reading your blog. I am just sad that I have come to it's end and now have to wait day by day for more. I didn't even know I wanted to go to Transylvania until now. I have so many questions....


That was really funny. Apparently you are supposed to tag seven others, (according to Callie) but I only tagged four.

As for farting, I think it might be universal with the male sex. Or at least the ones that are around horses. Jeremiah can't keep a straight face though.


i can vouch for the total veracity of #6- what you don't elaborate on in terms of keeping a straight face is that it's more of a carefully contrived oh-so-casual turn of the head around to see if anyone noticed- and we all do. Being downhill from julian on a steep ascent on the trail could be the most perilous potential health hazard on the ride ;-)


Yep, I'd say #6 is universal to all males, whether or not they are into horses. Mine is American and non-horsey as they come. The only difference is he "fluffs" our comforter, not the duvet. :-)


Callie/Laura/Jackie: it must be early exposure to such anglo-saxon foodstuffs as baked beans. My ex once very foolishly told me about the "covered wagon" (a favourite of her brother-in-law), then got really mad when I tried it on her. Well, probably I deserved as much. Out on the trail, I can at least blame a horse. When driving, the trick is to pick up a hitchhiker and blame them.

Jamie: Transylvania is well worth a visit. Most people don't even know that it's a real place, but it is. Have you looked at the photo albums on the blog?

Anne: I wouldn't have liked to be around during the Great Depression. However, Eastern Europe was a fascinating place during the 1930's, by all accounts, before Nazism and war followed by Communism killed so many and did so much damage.

I had a colleague, male of course, who cleared an entire subway car with one awful emission. I left London because the whole city stank, metaphorically. The area where I lived, someone painted "ban the bomb" in huge letters on a bridge, and someone else changed it to "don't ban the bomb, drop one here!"

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