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February 06, 2012


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ooph, Italy's looking very grim too. There is no way in hell I would ever go back to business here, it is impossible to succeed for the common person... as my boss said today...its not the taxes, its the goddamn unfairness that drives you mad. Honest people are constantly pestered, while the dodgy ones are 'above' investigations. Lucky you got playing the waiting game. The ships sinking, but will someone be able to plug the leak?

White Horse Pilgrim

Jess, I think that you have hit the nail on the head identifying "unfairness" as the worst part of it all. It's worrying to see so many countries teetering - Greece worst of all, but also Italy, Spain, Ireland, Romania and others. I've said for years that the principal crisis is moral - there is enough money in the system. but not if 1% take half of it. But, just like in the Middle Ages, those in charge find ways to make the mass slave on or fight one-another as required. Those of us in the middle are afraid of those at the bottom. That fact will be used to lead us by the nose.

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