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April 30, 2012


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I'm just way too clumsy for split reins! I agree, having the loose end available for a quick smack if necessary is really handy, but the consequences of dropping a rein are too much for me.


I find that if the reins are long enough then if one is dropped it stays across the neck. The loose ends hang down past my boots. Plus a thick mane tends to hold onto a rein, whether leather or webbing.


I both love and hate split reins. They can be a nightmare with novice riders... how many times have I had to rescue people when the horse reaches down to eat grass and tugs the rein out of their hand. But the same time, on the trail they are fabulous for the reasons you list above. I find them a little cumbersome when schooling though, but since Im now riding in a different way that may be part of the reason. Im sure that little reminder (of the end of the rein) has come in handy on your rides though, as if the UK is anything like Italy, its a green grassy wonderland for greedy horses :)


I never used split reins for anyone but myself. Far too much of a pain with butter-fingered guests. But for me they are perfect. I'm just a trail rider, no schooling here except out on the trail. Yes, this is a green grassy wonderland for greedy horses, one ever-hungry mare in paticular. You'd think that not a blade of grass grew in her field...

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