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August 03, 2014


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I listened to a radio show the other day where the host asked people to call in and talk about what they love about England. It was wonderful - I heard all the reasons I loved it there! The people being so polite, the people being so much more laid back, especially in queues and on the roads, and the food being so much better. And the beer being excellent. The importance of humor. Then one guy called in and said "I just have to say, the weather is terrible!" And I thought, "No, I liked that too."

I just ate the rest of my double gloucester cheese, and it was so good I'm on a mission to find it here. Next time I visit, I'm gonna have to bring a cooler and fill it with cheese.


Something about riding horses brings out the dreamer in us. There is more wilderness here, less developed land to ride through. Some of the trails can be pretty hairy- let alone the denizens of said wilderness. There was a large cougar spotted recently on one of the more popular trails here.

White Horse Pilgrim

Oh, good, Lytha, you'll be back. There are more Tolkien sites to see, and of course there is more cheese to buy. I shall have to take you to the farm shop (the one that sold the pie that you so enjoyed) where many types of cheese are offered. I've heard of a shop that sells only cheese too, we should track down that shop!

Shirley, if your trails are anything like the ones I rode in Transylvania, I can imagine how hairy they might be. The trails are pretty tame here. In the old place I saw a lynx once, chasing a fox, on a remote ridge. There's so much about the wilderness that I miss.

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