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December 13, 2015


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Beautiful harmony!We are blessed that these wonderful creatures mesh so well with us, sometimes for work, sometimes for healing, sometimes just for being in the moment.


You are fortunate to have found such a wonderfully compatible companion! Sometimes I fantasize about getting a horse when I retire but at the moment I wouldn't have nearly enough time to devote to one. As a person who came late to riding, I love your philosophy of enjoyment and safety. Like you, I don't feel the urge to try to compete, though you would probably be much more able to than I would if you wanted to.


I am fortunate. She is such a character. Joanne, maybe one day you will own a horse? When you have time. This is like finding a life partner, compatible in so many ways. It's about establishing a balance, giving and taking, setting expectations, forgiving and asking forgiveness. So much more that acquiring a piece of livestock and getting it to do things. Of course I am riding the alpha mare of the herd, and that raises the odds. But I love her, and she seems happy to spend her time carrying me around.

Joanne Filkins

For now I'll have to be content with a dog and a cat, both of whom are also good companions, but who knows what the future may bring?

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