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April 14, 2007



Well done. Excellent craftsmanship. Jeremiah just peeked over my shoulder and suggested a western saddle?


Thank you, Sarah. I think that, were I in California or Montana, I'd probably be using a Western saddle already. However it's difficult to obtain good Western saddles in Europe, at least out this far east. The saddle that I am using came from the manufacturer in Walsall at a big reduction (₤400 vs ₤1000 new) as one of his clients had exchanged it against a new one. I've managed to obtain four of these Pathfinder saddles in this way over the past 13 years, and now Danielle has one, so does my other guide Diane, and I have a good one and a spare. Now Keith the saddler has retired, so these saddles will need to do me for life! They are very comfortable for horse and rider, although not as tough as a Western saddle because of the thinner leather (such as a nice pigskin seat).

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