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August 25, 2007



omg, I would be soooo very tempted to put those kinds of people on the 'cranky' horses...heheh


Oh, I'm with barngoddess. Princesses can sure make life tough, but my guess is their lives must not be that hot or they wouldn't be working so hard to get attention.


I try not to have cranky horses here, however these people won't get the rooms with balconies. Nor will I lend them gear. Risingrainbow is right, most of them are nobodies trying to be somebodies and going about it the wrong way. Sad, really.

I Gallop On

WHat an excellent article! I'll be keeping an eye out for those princesses. I'm not a wrangler, but we see the pros up in the Pecos where we ride, and I'm sure there's a princess or two in their ranks. ;-) I love your blog. Can't wait to read more. Found you via Bridlepath!

Pax. Kimberly


Many princesses are known to reside in the US. Alot of them drive hulking SUVs. I think it may be a new term for people with horrible manners. Good post.

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