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September 27, 2007



Those are fascinating pictures. Thanks for posting them!

I'm curious about the equestrian sword fighting. Were the riders actually competing with each other or was it more of a theatrical presentation? In the last few years, the Historical European Martial Arts movement has unearthed some fascinating information on medieval equestrian martial arts, but as far as I know, Hungary is uncharted territory for them. For an idea of what was happening elsewhere in Europe, there's an online version of Fiore dei Liberi's 1410 treatise, the Flower of Battles, here:




Oops! I already posted that link a couple of months ago, didn't I? Anyway, fascinating pictures!


Hi Ariella, the Hungarian nation has a strong equestrian tradition, drawing on the nomads that founded their nation. There are groups that preserve mounted skills such as archery. The sword fighting was more of a theatrical display in this case (the swords were wooden too), however the riders were skilled and the horses well trained. I expect that Hungarian mounted warfare merits study. Especially earlier on, before mounted warfare metamorphosed into clashes between armoured knights.

I'd like to see these Hungarian riders meet Native American equestrians. It would be an interesting link between two strong equestrian cultures.


I think I shall leave my daughter at home, then... (and perhaps my husband as well, lol!)


Hi Tracey, those horsemen are rather dashing, take care:)

I Gallop On

Absolutely wonderful. I saw a clip of what looked like some sort of Hungarian horse festival on TV years ago. The anchor remarked something like "crazy Hungarians and their horses"... I would love to see something like this. My son would love the archery on horseback. And, of course, anything to do with swords!


Kimberly, I can see that you need a European holiday! There are some great places to see traditional Hungarian riding. Even some horseback archery clubs. I'm sure that we can track down a place where you and your son can learn horseback archery. As a vaulter, you will have the balance for fast hands-off riding whilst maneuvring to shoot arrows. Then a nice relaxing week riding in Transylvania. Oh, and the Spanish Rising School isn't far away in Vienna.

I Gallop On

Now that sounds like a plan. Archery, vaulting, trail riding, dressage ...

Will have to save my pennies. :-)



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