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October 13, 2007



What an amazing trip that must have been. You can almost see them pouring into the Somes valley as you describe.


What a great trip! And Tim Cope came too? How interesting!! I was just in Rappahanock, VA for my own history tour, American Revolution/Civil War style, but the path of the Mongols sounds much more exciting!


It was an amazing trip. Rarely does one get the opportunity to ride with one of the great equestrian travellers. The longer that I live here, the more history is revealed, the more historical characters and events come to life.

sebastian o'kelly

Fascinating blog and website. I wonder slightly at the analysis of the Mongol Hordes leaving Europe alone because the pickings seemed too thin. They did capture Trogir in Croatia, so would have known about Venice, Italy and its riches. More likely is that they had enough on their plate plundering Central Asia, while Europe - highly populated and militarily efficient - would have been a massive undertaking. It took several generations for them to secure China.

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