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November 30, 2007



One’s willing to give is always to be admired, but you are so right, dealing with the “colonial attitude” and lack of knowledge about the nowadays needs in Romania, especially in prosper mountain villages like Lunca, is often frustrating. If I may suggest - what would be really helpful is support with English speaking and writing. How is English taught in local school? By whom (native English vs. Romanian teacher)? How many books in English can one find on local library shelves? Is there a library in Lunca? A couple of projects that would be worthy, I think, include English language tutoring in one-to-one meetings/play/games between tour and village kids, and perhaps a village library project. Community libraries in Romania need reorganization/renewal as most of them were completely neglected in the past. Also, tourists may bring and donate used books in English to the local library. Just a thought.


Sorry, but I have to say that only after rereading my note I realize that it may sound pretty awful with so many questions in it. As you can see, I am definitely excited by your posts…


Some visitors seem quite disappointed not to find picturesque poverty. Indeed, it's still common for a truck to arrive in mid-winter with food parcels!

There is an English teacher in each school, however not very many children seem interested in learning languages. Those that want to find a way. The teachers speak English well, and have not been interested in gaining practice with Danielle or I. Were the schools given more books in English, probably some more industrious children will benefit. There is a library already in the village. I could ask visitors to being used books that are educational, that way we could collect 50 or 100 extra books a year.

I already have an equine non-profit association registered, and I prefer to work for animals. They cannot speak up for themselves, and few people speak up for them.


awww shucks, does that mean we won't be getting any more of those delightful little do-gooders next year?? :p

that was absolutely hilarious, when they were all giving out toys to Lunca's 'neglected' children...but wouldn't give Jo a ball, despite her insisting she was a 'neglected child' just as much as Dani & Cristi!!

Seriously, though, one of the big issues that comes up over & over when I'm talking about the place, & telling people that I'm coming back, is the huge ignorance that people in Britain have about Romania, and certainly Transylvania!! They seem quite disappointed when I have to tell them it's not all peasant dress and run-down orphanages :p But what seems strangest to me is that, when given a very different account, most people's reactions almost seems to be one of confusion rather than enlightenment....as if it rocks the foundations of their self-image!

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