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November 13, 2007



We have six cats which includes a Calico polydactel blind bipolar thing that seeks me out for a cuddle then rapidly turns on me. It's like battling a bag of razor blades.Oh and my husband named her Lilyput.


We also have a "typing" kitty! He is Goblin, a black long-haired kitten who turned up just before Hallowe'en last year. He was responsible for many delays in term papers as my kids found his antics infinitely more fun than school-work. I don't know which was cuter, the kids' uncontrollable mirth or Goblin's batting at the screen with forefeet as he stomped the keyboard with hind ones. He's wound up being the best mouser in the barn, so here's hoping you and Lucky will have as great a partnership! We also have video of a pet rat "typing."

Strawberry Lane

How cute!! What is it about these "computer cats"? I've got one, too. Usually have to type around her.

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