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November 23, 2007



My family LOVED this picture- hahah they caught a glimpse of my future 'thanksgiving feast.' My dad was particularly fond of the 'homemade flamethrower.' I am perturbed that they roasted the skin before eating it- they gave it to me raw!! This reminds me of an article I just read about the EU having animal rights regulations that will make this sort of backyard slaughter illegal and all the controversy this raises (and rightfully so!). I couldn't find ir again (it was on www.evz.ro). Anyways, looking forward to some REAL pork again soon! Tell Dani and Reghina I saw the picture of them and miss them!!!
-One of the "outdoor youngsters with cast-iron livers"


This post will be very good for your business.I think I may have to start a saving to go to Transylvania account. It's all very intriguing. And I'm glad to know that you won't be sending a girly-girl out on that wild and forboding trail to protect me.


Thanks for the pictures. Reminds me of a recent visit to the Auburn Meat Sciences Unit. We got the chance to see the entire process form start to finish for cattle and pigs. We also learned about quality and yield grading of meat. It was part of the intro to animal science class. It is definitly an interesting class.


Laura, all this pig killing at home is completely illegal thanks to the EU. However we are far from any inspector. They are all busy certifying intensive factory farms. The EU laws are all about protecting the corporations, not animals rights. The pigs here have a good life compared to their intensively reared brethren. Did your family connect the "cast-iron liver" to their daughter, by any chance?

ELL, you will be very welcome. This is a fascinating place to visit. We'll send you out with our toughest guide!

Nick, the ways here are very traditional and interesting. The weakest part is butchering the meat, as the rural people don't seem good at separating the various cuts. It's either for frying or for making sausages.



ELL...the way things stand, you're fairly likely to be getting me...& whilst I'm not sure which category I fall into (I'm going for Gun Toting Outback Cowgirl with Cast Iron Will Power if not Liver haha), I can assure you that I aint no girlie girl & I'm quite happy to fend off any rampaging monsters. Or stable boys. On your behalf :)

Julian.....I think I can do flame-skewered piggy much better than deep-fried Daisy :). reckon Cornel would give me a go with that flame throwermebobsit?



Sarah, with that flamethrower, you will have a certain Transylvanian Rambo quality. Monsters will flee. There may yet be singed stable boys. Especially if they call you the "Flying Cowgirl".


Not certain if they caught the 'cast iron liver' reference, but they are well aware. It's inherited, but certainly from the Austrian, not Irish, side. Sarah, hopefully your will power is cast iron, if not your ankles. The two of us ought to make quite a team, I should think!

Simply Marvelous

Oh horrors! I'm a faint hearted "girly-girl"!

I Gallop On

My husband, who thinks that pig is a major food group, is booking his flight now!


I'm not sure which is more scary, neighbours chopping up pigs or the thought of Sarah with the flamethrower?

Out here, pig IS a major food group. We've still got two to slaughter. Better look for a last minute bargain flight!

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