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November 24, 2007


Charleen Harrell

I love to read all the articles that you write. It is so very interesting and the pictures are great. What nice adventures you have. Thanks for letting me visit your world.

Simply Marvelous

What a scene.
And those horses are just amazing to be so calm in that situation.

I Gallop On

Look at all that quiet calm in the face of a train!


Mine will stand waiting quietly at the railway crossing whilst a train passed. Admittedly the electric trains here are quieter than steam. I believe that horses (the ones closer to native breeds anyway) are hard-wired to look out for natural hazards (predators, bad ground, etc) however they don't naturally see man-made things as hazardous. They have warned me of hazards on the trail before, such as a frozen path where snow and ice concealed a hidden void.

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