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December 20, 2007



Thanks for enlightening me! I would have thought the red tassels were to ward off flies.

Very interesting that one just showed up on the bell collar. That's fascinating.

How often do you have to put wood in your heater? How often do you have to empty the ashes and is it difficult. Looks very intimidating to me!


Interesting belief, but I say do anything it takes to ward off evil. I smudged my home when I moved in. There is a natural home made broom hanging above the front door and a real alligator head hanging from a tree in my yard. Let's see, that's Native American, Druid/Wiccan,and a little bit of Louisianna Cajun VooDoo. Has worked well thus far!


Some visitors also think that the head tassels function as blinkers, though they reduce the horse's field of vision only slightly.

If the wood is dry, the fire will go maybe 2 hours between adding softwood and up to 4 hours between adding hardwood. The tubes need to be cleaned daily with a wire brush on a pole and the ash is emptied daily too. The only difficult part is emptying the ash, because the ashpan is quite heavy.

I wonder to what degree the traditional concern about physical manifestation of evil (such as the "evil eye" and vampires) related to a lack of understanding of disease and transmission of diseases. There was a sufficiently large "outbreak of Vampirism" on the frontier of late 18th century Austro-Hungary that a military commission was sent from Vienna to investigate. In the end, the deaths were found to be caused by disease. Within the last five years, a corpse was dug up and a stake put through its heart down by the Danube in a very primitive village.

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