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December 26, 2007



that's pretty special, certainly beats watching the Queen's (utterly farcical) speech whilst various elderly relatives snore themselves into turkey-stuffed oblivion. Think we can get the boys doing a demonstration of the goat dance since I missed the original? haha.

Sarah x


Vasile does a great goat dance. Well, you know what horns the little rascal has.

Somehow I can't imagine groups of masqued dancers cavorting around English towns. They'd get asbo-ed within minutes. Plus, can you imagine the politically correct whining about people dressing up as gypsies? And most English young men would be drunk and in the gutter (or a police cell) before the evening was over.


Social traditions which personnify and vivivy the fears and concerns of contention with the forces of nature, mortality and one's human enemies are such a healthy reminder of reality, and so much more cathartic and alive than watching theatre on TV or whatever takes its place in modern cities.
You are fortunate to be living in a place where this reality is not obfuscated under layers of numbing and deceptive "civilization."


thank you for sharing this special tradition from your culture. I appreciated the photos and your interesting explanation.


Life here certainly is very real. Little is cloaked by so-called "civilisation". I like it very much here (even if a regular pay cheque would be welcome sometimes!)


Hi Julian,
You may be surprised to learn that a very similar custom is alive and well all over Ireland on the 26th Dec- they are called the "Wren Boys" and indulge in the exact same behaviour.A large troupe of them even operates in an inner city suburb of Dublin (Sandymount).I know this because my brother organises it, and he will confirm it when he recovers.

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