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December 17, 2007



oh my gosh! I just viewed the train photos. Magnificant countryside you live in. Absolutely gorgeous. Some of the pics looked so cold but still beautiful. My favorite photo was the "draught horses pass Hevetia".

I would LOVE to ride horses in your country and then take a long train ride...crazy arent I?

Lukes coat looks very warm. Mura blends in so well! Natural camo.

My Old Guy has the softest coat of any horse Ive ever touched, he is as soft as my cats. I never blanket him either....


I'm glad that you like the train photos. I can email high resolution photos if any reader has a special request.

Lori, you are most welcome to come and ride. If you can pull together a group of, say, six riders then you can take a week riding holiday for free. That's a regular offer that we do here to encourage groups. (I hope that I don't sound too mercenary.....you know what keeping horses costs.) There are some great train rides too.

One day I shall make it to the Colorado/New Mexico border and ride the Toltec & Cumbres line.

Mura was jet black when she was born, hence her name (which means "blackberry"). She became roan when changing coat at the end of her first winter. Two dun foals became roans too.


Absolutely magnificent! Thank you to whoever has taken the pictures and to you for finding the time to share them.


Thank you, Sue. I take the photos myself using a small digital camera, a Canon A80. It's the sort with a built-in zoom lens. Danielle has a good digital SLR, however I take a camera that fits into my pocket for convenience (plus, I'd rather not drop an expensive camera when I am riding). Luckily I have a bit of time for posting in the Winter.


I absolutely love the photos Julian... and seeing your posts makes me feel so far away here in the moderate climate of Southern California, but reading your words I feel as though I were there. I can't believe it's been a year and a half since I interned... it doesn't seem like that long ago. Time does fly from us. Good luck with all your endeavors promoting safe riding and responsible tourism, they are admirable goals. I can't believe Luke has grown so big already, I hope no one faints when it comes time to castrate him ;)


Maybe you'll be back one day, Lauren? You will be surprised by how much has changed, with the new buildings and so on. I'll have to decide whether to cut Luke. He might be useful for breeding.


oh, Lukey!! He just gets more gorgeous as he gets older.....& I'm gonna be a strong campaigner for not having him gelded, so long as he turns out as good natured for riding AND breeding as Doru :p

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