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December 20, 2007


William Thirteen

perhaps you can develop a line of touristic offerings for those who hope for the re-establishment of the Austro-Hungarian Empire!


It would be my suggestion to advertise in some of the American equestrian magazines, of which there are a plethora. Another niche in which to market yourselves might be the various American Orthodox groups. You could send mailings and advertise yourselves as a retreat facility with church and monastery tours. Orthodox in the USA are primarily rootless converts and are always happy to connect with the solidity of entrenched old-world Orthodoxy. Unfortunately, belts are tightening in the USA right now as we suffer under the man who stole our last 2 presidential elections (my opinion) and his war and its costs. Regardless, you will get more custom if people here know that your beautiful facility and its surroundings exist.

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