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December 12, 2007



From my previous experiences (in areas that have nothing whatsoever to do with riding or tourism business) quite often distrust was due, at least in part, to complete lack of communication. I am not sure the other competing riding agencies are aware that there is a NEED to work together to promote the potential of those wonderful places, or that there is COMMON BENEFIT from it. A small conference where other riding businesses in Transylvania, rest of Romania or even Hungary (if not too many) would be invited to discuss and come up with a plan for future development may be good, if you consider it feasible. And that would mean more work for you, Julian, as you would likely be the initiator/coordinator :)

As for the competition, one may put it this way: a visitor, even if he/she felt like in heaven at your place, will likely spend their next vacation somewhere else. It is the traveler’s nature. If they are so much into riding, it will likely be in one of your competitors’. Ultimately, they will come back to you if there is no better place.


I'm afraid that distrust isn't just limited to the equestrian facilites in Romania. It is a human fault. I don't think it matters what you do there will always be those that are distrustful and those that aren't worthy of trust and those in middle somewhere.

I totally agree with you that working together would make things so much better sooner but I'm afraid it'll be a step at a time process.


Perhaps the coming of the new road might present an opportunity to try to open dialogue with the other equestrian businesses - a flyer to them all suggesting a combined effort to advertise before you get left behind by other tourist attractions, perhaps? A joint submission to the Tourism Agency voicing concerns at how riding routes will be affected/protected? Whatever you think might unite you all.


I used to think that it was a peculiarly Romanian attitude to prefer a large share of a small pie to a small share of a big pie, even if the latter portion is the larger. Maybe that is a more widespread attitude?

I shall look at some ways to approach others regarding a national strategy for promoting equestrian tourism. I would like to think that each centre does something different, therefore common promotion will bring out the good of each without compromising anyone. I suspect that, once a handful start something good, others will wish to join.

I do appreciate all your advice, thank you.


Do they have PR agencies there that specialize in tourism? You've got a big job on several fronts, from education to competition to keeping up with tourism trends. If you could persuade your competitors that you all have something at stake, maybe you could pool your resources and get a PR agency to help promote the whole concept on all levels. Just be sure it's a good one or you may as well do it yourself.

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