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December 19, 2007



We can't get one system to heat our house effectively - lucky we don't have 4 to contend with!
Are there any Christmas customs unique to your area? Unfortunately it has become such a commercialised time of year here that there is little Christian meaning to it anymore. I envy your tranquility. For me, it is now the time of year I dislike the most. The stress levels are rising whilst people use cards to spend money they don't have. Manners and tempers are short. Perhaps "Escape TO Christmas" holidays might be a viable enterprise? I'd come!


I think Sue's "Escape TO Christmas" sounds wonderful. But you'd really have to have that heat cranked up! Looks so cold.

When we no longer have our daughter at home (sniff, sniff) I would love to go to other places for Christmas, to go to church services in other languages and participate in other customs.

Do you do something special for Christmas? I'm with Sue -- what are the local customs?

(And do people really have those blue evil eye things? Please explain.)


Another thing: What kind of camera do you use? Your photos are awesome!


I use a simple pocket camera, a Canon A80, which gives me 4mp resolution. It's nothing special. Since I don't have image manipulation software on my computer (Danielle has this on her Mac), I need to exercise the discipline to compose photos, as I can't just go and crop them or make other changes.

I like the "Escape to Transylvania" ideas. I shall think some more about these and post something later.


-10C brrrr! and here I was complaing about 35 F.

It looks like you have a huge place to heat as well. I hope the XMAS season is prosperous!

I not only enjoy your writing, I love your photos. It is a challenge for me to take silhouettes but they are still my favorite shots.

Have a great day today!


I forgot to add, Lucky looks like a handsome and fun cat


To answer a few more questions, people here celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th. After attending church, there is a festive family meal, which also marks the end of the pre-Christmas fast. During this fast, like Lent, more devout people consume no meat, fish, oil, eggs or dairy products. It is customary to give small gifts, though not on anything like the scale of the commercialised west. On Christmas eve, children go around neighbouring houses singing carols. Usually they carry a small tableau showing oxen ploughing, and sometimes they are dressed up in national costume or as shepherds. Occasionally one child is dressed as a goat and another as a goatherd, and these perform a lively and quite unique dance with associated dialogue. The children are served cakes and sweets, and may be given small coins too. At times like Christmas, there is a great feeling of community in a village like this.

Lucky is a delightful cat, friendly and pretty, though also an unusually flatulent feline.

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