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January 16, 2008



Funny creature, Luke, in that fuzzy winter coat! One look his way and any upsetting thought is gone:))


I'm not good on ice. I'm not good on hills. I'm impressed with you and Luke! (I broke my foot once watering plants on flat ground.)

Beautiful photos and beautiful post, as always. Maybe an expat like you can bring an appreciation for "rural heritage" to Romania, though I think you have to have a certain distance from that kind of life to feel unthreatened by it. In other words, if you don't feel safe in your urban world and you're not many generations from hard-scrabble farming, the hard-scrabble farming has no romantic appeal but is something you are fleeing and fear will somehow suck you back in.


beautiful photos.

I read the below post and it shocked me to think horse carts would be outlawed in Romania.

Mikey in AZ

Just surfed in from Ramblings... LOVE your site, fascinating. Being a farrier, I love the info about shoeing. What do the locals do for shoeing? Do they do it themselves or go barefoot?
Have bookmarked, will be back!

Simply Marvelous

What a tragedy should Romania lose it's connection with the past for the sake of "progress".

And what a greater tragedy it is that authorities and people in general do not see it as a treasure to be protected.

Throughout history, the peasant has rarely gained the level of respect that their hard work deserves.

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