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January 03, 2008



My mares are pissy this Winter so far. Two months and I'm still waiting to see if attitudes will change.


I also wonder how cats choose their routes.

When a neighbor lit up a Christmas tree in their back yard -- as they do every year -- Lucy couldn't eat in her stall for two days. (And she's a pig.) She'd rather stand and stare than come in to eat.

Who knows what memories the paths have for your horses. Maybe a bird darted up in one spot and that location is forever scary, so Olga has to come in a different way. Maybe she walked the crooked path once and the food was better. Maybe horses are wildly superstitious, and are very worried about the evil eye.

Interesting observation. It would be fun to know what they think.


I have two jenny's, the older one likes to walk in a strange path each time I feed them , the other one fallows most of the time. but once in a while says"to heck with it" and runs directly to the feed. It is very cute.


Callie: oh dear, mares can get pissy though. Are they simply bored?

Anne: Olga puzzles me. She seems afraid of nothing, we joke that if a bear appeared then she'd go up and sniff it. Definately a creature of the crooked way. She's also one of those rare horses that prefer male riders to female, for no obvious reason.

Charleen: It's good to hear from you. I know very little about mules, and have only once seen them out here, in a gypsy wagon train. They looked fat and glossy, which says something about mule hardiness. Are yours riding mules?

Victoria Cummings

Olga is an independent spirit. I would imagine that you would appreciate her since you appear to have an independent spirit as well. I love mares like this - She choses not to take the well-trod path. She's not afraid to explore and looks longingly at the trains going on a journey she can never take. She can either irritate you or fascinate you but she really doesn't care what you think.

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