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January 29, 2008



Aaaawww!! Pretty stripy kitties. Mine like to walk over the keyboard and attempt to rub on my face.


Hah! Do they dictate what you should say? Toast does.


Inside the house, our beloved Tiger has discovered that he can jump up on my desk while I'm working. He likes to stroll across the keyboard to look out the window and scratch his cheeks on the corners of my laptop screen. Just what I need: another place covered with cat hair!!

Danielle (aka Scarlett)


lol, you are such a softy. this post made me smile!

I saw the tag and I shall give it a whirl soon :)

I learned quite a bit about you in your 7 things.


Callie: both of those cats will get on the keyboard when feeling energetic. They are very loveable, and trade on the fact.

Scary: these cats are quite manipulative. They own us.

Scarlett: I cannot have imagined what I was bringing here when I acquired Tiger eight years ago. Maybe he is paying us back for being brought here in a plastic bag on a bicycle?

BarGoddess: you may be the first reader who has learnt something about me rather than just getting drawn down the "don't men fart a lot" tangent. I like to have intellectual readers.


Such a cruel life, those cats have to endure!!!!

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