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January 12, 2008


Victoria Cummings

I love the cats on the stairs. And riding Doru in the snow sounds really fun. I'm sitting with my husband while he watches a football game on TV and I travel the world on my computer. We're going to get about a foot of snow tomorrow night in New England. Best to Danielle - stay warm!

Strawberry Lane

Well, now, that is just too cute! What a photo catch that was!

Your sun looks wonderful. We've been stuck in "sunny" So.California with dreary rain. Finally, the sun is finding its way back here.


What a great, sunny cat perch. They always know how to find the best spots.


Animals are amazing, they always say if you want to find the warmest spot find where the cats are sleeping. It most always is in the sun. Great picture, should be in a magazine or as a photo of the week on the internet. I enjoy reading your blog, it is very interesting.

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