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January 08, 2008



Now all he needs is a car!! haha I'm sure there's room in the budget for an extra staff vehicle, yes?


Well done to you for getting the subsidy and to Vasile for passing his test. A good start to the new year!


You stopped by a long time ago...I need to add your blog my blog roll---I just love your photos and envious of where you are. Look forward to reading more and hopefully some day riding in Romania.


I recall that, during the pre-Christmas cold snap, you were having difficluty burning wet or green wood. We use wood for about 80% of our home and workshop heating, so know how hard and dangerous burning green timber can be. We took down a collapsed, old barn and used its dry-rotted, wooden shingles and all non-sound lumber for heating and kindling, and raising the temperature sufficiently to ignite our heavy, dense, albeit dry, white oak logs. The sound lumber with hardware was saved and used in fence and outbuilding repair, the nails were pulled and collected with magnets and recycled. If you're burning green wood or conifers, I hope you're cleaning out your chimneys several times per winter, to reduce fire danger from creosote build-up. Taking down people's old, ruined fences and buildings is a great way to keep warm while reducing your impact on the local forests, too. Congrats to you all for your industry, imagination and, in Vasile's case, brilliance!


Just read about your difficulty with the insulation. A friend had the exterior walls of his house insulated with 15 cm thick polystyrene boards and then covered them with a nice rendering …a world of difference!


Sounds like a lot of work to be done. Congrats to Vasile!


Laura / Callie / Sue: unfortunately his first action as a driver was to back one car into another, leading to a dented wing so, for the present, he can buy his own car!

Photogchic: Thank you, I should also create a blogroll, I'll ask Danielle how it's done. I'm more into horses than IT. You'll be most welcome to come and ride here.

Deborah: You're quite right about the risks of green timber. The chimney was swept a while ago, and needs to be swept again soon. Fortunately we've found some dry timber, dead trees to remove from the forest, cut up and bring here. The old fences and other scrap timber all gets burnt too.

Cezar: I've added 5cm of polystyrene to the walls, and another 30cm of mineral wool in the roof. Now we are fixing mistakes by the builders, things like cracks where draughts come in. I've just found that the "recommended standard" is 10-15cm of polystyrene on exterior walls, so I may add some more when I can afford to.


I am somewhat miffed that Vasile has passed his test before me despite being considerably younger :p

.....right, that's it - I must perfect my Romanian & pass over there seeing as I seem to be so dismal here in the UK!!! (Oh, & do say congrats to the little dear despite the slight bitterness haha...always useful to have another "taxi" around ;) )

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