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January 15, 2008



How frustrating! It's terrible that the system is set up to penalize such a large majority of the population. I really hope there's enough of an outcry that laws will be changed regarding the animals!.


Now I don’t know what debate is more heated and fun to watch – current presidential nomination or your blog :) My second reply to your previous post went on the second page (I didn’t even know there was a second page!). I’ve never seen so many comments to any of your posts. You’re right, Julian, and anybody knowing the reality of rural life over there would support you. You are also slightly idealist, in the good sense. While in England laws are made and expected to be obeyed, in Romania quite a few are made for a good laugh and makeshift adjustments. The advice you got from the village policeman reporting a fake accident to avoid a baloney rule is just an example. Of course, everybody realizes that it just does not make sense to have laws that make no sense. But instead of dealing with the nonsense and correcting it, Romanians go around it and “adjust”. Mentality takes a long time to change. Ask local people for countless “adjustments” they were forced to make during the “Golden Age” regarding livestock, reporting calf births, milk production, animal weights and many others. Ask the village doctor about reporting stillbirths, underweight newborns, infant deaths and so on. You will get enough material to write a book, a textbook about nonsense. Romanians are wonderful people, still. They just have to stop finding a way around and learn how to approach issues straight on.


Julian, this is extremely interesting... I find it particularly interesting at the moment since I am taking a lot of stats course for the conclusion of my econ major, and one of the big issues they stress is that gathering data and the definition of data is a very noteworthy point. This is such a prime example of how numbers can never fully explain a situation and how innocuous sounding data collection can be turned around and used in support of a biased claim. The fact that you have to file a police report for such a small incident is absurdly bureaucratic as well.


Hmmm. I think the legal system might upset me if I were to live there.


Emil: you're right about all the "adjustments". I've heard very many stories. The problem now is that government is interested in "looking modern", rather than making an organic transition to wherever the country is going. My view is that it's a problem of residual communist mentality in government: I'd be interested in your opinion. On the subject of the future, one thing that disturbs me is the lack of any positive vision for the country. Official "predictions" are bleak: falling population, increasing inequality. They are just an extrapolation of data, with all the failings of that approach. There needs to be a positive vision: the best outcome for Romania and the steps to take to get there. Romania is fortunate to have excellent farmland, plentiful forests, capacity for alternative energy generation, a diverse population that can live peacefully together, and so on. It has the potential to become a relatively sustainable land as oil becomes scarcer and more expensive. I wish that there were a civic organisation dedicated to promoting the best future for Romania. Do you know of one?

Laura: as you say, statistics are limited by inaccuracy in data collection. Back in Britain, the police historically weren't interested in recording data on minor road accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists, nor domestic violence or racism. Because the figures were artificially low, government didn't treat these problems as seriously as they merited.

Strawberry Lane

What a frustrating waste of time that would be. Does it make for more careful drivers to avoid the inconvenience?

Now as for the cart & horse owner, I wouldn't much like taking the rap for every ding and dent about town.

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