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February 12, 2008



Thanks sweetie! You're a pretty good partner yourself. Happy V-Day!

Naomi Smith

I loved this photo, very fitting for this Valentine's Day coming up.

I have been enjoying keeping up with your daily posts of the life you have in Trans...quite different from life here in southwest TEXAS USA!


Those two are so cute I "squealed" out loud. Thanks for sharing.

I have been enjoying seeing the horses at work in Trans. Here my horses munch on their room service hay; there yours are hauling their own! I'm tempted to put one of those pictures up in the barn as a 'good example' for my guys.


what a beautiful photo!!

Fancy decor :)

I wish Freddie and Scooter got along better. Last night, I looked outside and Freddie was had shoved all his hay to the side of his hay rack and was eating Scooter's hay that he could reach. Scooter was upset and munching his hay with laid back ears and a swishing tail.

I did the photo tag today.


What a beatiful photo. Well done, and thank you!


BTW, I hope you don't think I have been ignoring you. I am just visiting other blogs and commenting on the weekends now. It takes way too much time to do it every day.

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