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February 29, 2008



It looks like a multi-jointed snaffle of some sort. Most curbs don't have the center joint and have a straight piece with a rounded bend in the center. Probably used in training with the large ring in the center. That's the best I can do. But I am no expert by any means. http://equisearch.com/horses_riding_training/tack_apparel/bit_gallery/snafflekeys/ That's as close as I can find, but that site has a nice display of different bits.


Or a correction bit........


Haven't seen one like this. The ring in the middle is something I haven't seen before. Closest I've seen is the 3 Piece Training Sweet Iron with Flat Shanks on this site:



Well, this biis a variation of a tom thumb type bit wrapped with copper wire with a center ring.

To the best of my knowledge that is what it would be called. I used to work in a tack store and am used to all kinds of wierd variations.

I did find a website with the tom thumb wrapped with copper wire. Finding one with the ring could be difficult. My understanding is that center rings are there more for the horses "comfort" than the functionality of the bit. In this case the ring would lay flat against the horse's tongue and give the horse something that stayed stable to hold onto while the rest of the mouthpiece would move. More of a security issue for an insecure horse.


Hmmm. I know here in TX we call any bit that is split in the middle a snaffle. This looks like a variation of a Tom Thumb, as was mentioned above. What we call a curb here has a solid bar for the mouth. That being sad, I've never seen one just like that. Sorry.


oops, should be "That being said" not sad....


OK. I did some serious research here and I think I found it nearly exactly. I found it or near as it could be in Country Supply catalog presented by Horse.com....It's listed under Reining Bits called a Loose Lifesaver Snaffle #WBA55 for $51.90.....This is it almost exactly and the other one very simular does resemble a TomThumb but is a Sharon Caramillo Bit, called a Tender Touch#WBR67 at $57.90....The first most resembles it, almost to a tee!!!!!! I'm so excited, love a challenge!!! I will email you pics.


Callie got it right; the mouthpiece is a "lifesaver" and it is a shanked snaffle. Because it uses leverage it is considered a curb bit and should be used with a curb strap. A similar bit is available at www.wersternshop.com ,follow the bits link to shanked snaffles. This bit is commonly used in Canada for advancing the training on young horses.


Thank you, everyone, for these very helpful comments. Now I've got some useful links to follow up. I am very grateful.

Naomi Smith

This bit looks like an Argentine Snaffle with a Lifesaver in the middle of the bit.

You will be able to custom design and order this Tom Balding bit thru National Roper Supply in Decatur Texas, USA.

www.NRSworld.com , request a catalog for a 10% discount on first-time orders.

good luck!

P.S. - I love your "horse posts".

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