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February 27, 2008



Take care and hope you're feeling better soon. And I'm still serious about the saddle blanket...hehehe


I hope you're feeling better soon.

I think I'd go crazy if I had to deal with farriers taking shortcuts. lol

Victoria Cummings

There's always the urge to just lie down in the stall and give up when you're sick and still have to go to out to the barn. Hope you take a little time off to revive yourself.


Hope you're feeling better soon, Julian!


A friend of mine uses a horseshoe just like that, only flipped over, as a trivet beside her kitchen stove to set hot pans on. Hope the sunny days help you to get better!


Thank you for kind words. I'm feeling well again now.

I've made horseshoes into coat hooks and bridle hooks, guest room numbers and hoofpicks. A trivet is a new and imaginitive idea, thank you Shirley.

RR, at times farriers seem to be the bane of my life. In Britain, I had problems with farriers who were fond of drink and impunctual, and with shoes that fell off after two weeks. Out here farriers cut corners, and too many of them drop the heels.


Amazing! We are marveling mostly at having someone else hold the horses leg for you. We only WISH people would do that here, you'd have horses that stood a lot better and lot more respect for the farrier.
Man those spikes are something else too. Watch your toes for sure!
Love the post! Will be back tomorrow for more

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