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February 23, 2008



wow, they look so pretty. I'll have to remember that idea when I get married someday.


cute!!! a little early in the season for a wedding though, isn't it??


Great timing for the weather to clear up. That's a blessed wedding, horses and clear skies.


How cool is that! Where can I get a saddle blanket like that...Seriously....Where and how much....That is beautiful. What a neat tradition.


Marvelous – green and red combined suggest vitality and strength, complimenting so well Gelu’s tranquil expression. Great photo!

Victoria Cummings

What handsome fellows - and I don't mean the two-legged guys. It's good that Gelu and Tudor are also warding away the Evil Eye from the wedding party.


I have been directed to your blog by Victoria Cummings of Teachings of the Horse blog. I have recently posted a poem about the situation with the horses who are being abandoned to die because of the outlawing of the horse and cart. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

Strawberry Lane

How festive! Love the blankets! Beautiful.

I Gallop ON

Bells. Red Tassels on hose bridles. Festive horse blankets.

Thanks for sharing your world.



Gelu and Tudor look marvelous! glad the weather righted itself for the wedding.

I wish my wedding had horses in it...oh, THAT was almost 18 years ago.


It was quite picturesque, as rural weddings here tend to be. The colourful decorations look especially good on a grey, though of course Gelu did take some cleaning in a muddy late winter!

The couple married early in the year to get in before Lent, when Orthodox tradition doesn't permit weddings.


How pretty! I'll be posting about it on my blog... :)

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