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February 15, 2008


Victoria Cummings

I love being out at the barn on a starry night. I hope that Kaluga is comfortable. I'm so sorry. She is a real treasure.


So in the stable is is one long row where horses are tied without partitions in between? I think that is what the barns at Janow are like if I remember from pictures.


RR: The big studs out here that breed Lipizzaners, Arabians, Hutuls, etc are all arranged like this, with long rows of horses tied without partitions. My barn has an entrance in the centre, so it is split into three areas each for five horses and two loose boxes. It's a convenient arrangement. We've never had any problems with kicking, through taking some care which horses are tied up where. Nowadays we use the barn only for feeding the hard feed rations, for preparing horses for work, and the loose boxes for retired or sick horses. A few years ago I changed my view away from stabling horses at night, and they have all been healhier as a result.

A few years ago I visited the stud of the Spanish Riding School in Austria, and saw how all the mares and foals are kept loose at night in a large stable. Keeping horses individually tied up or in boxes all the time seems like an English practice.

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