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February 07, 2008


Victoria Cummings

J-Stop by my blog to pick up your latest award. It's photos like your horse and a pig nuzzling that made me want to give it to you.


haha thank goodness Gelu isn't entire....I wonder what a Lipigzanner would look like :p

Sarah x


It's interesting the way animals interact. On the first ride I went on, which was in France, the horses all panicked when they were followed by a curious sheep that had escaped from a small flock that a shepherd was tending. One of the people in my group ended up falling off and getting a nasty bruise. Both she and I had been riding for less than a year at that point. The French horses got upset when they saw horses they didn't know too.

A couple of years later I went on another ride in Wales and there were sheep everywhere but the horses didn't mind them at all. It was lucky that my friend who fell was not with me because she never got over the sheep incident and has since stopped riding after another fall. We also came very close to wild ponies up on the mountains and neither our horses nor the ponies seemed alarmed.

On my most recent trip, in Austria, we rode through fields containing cows with horns and in one case also a big mare with her foal both galloping madly around us, but our Haflingers were steadfast and unperturbed. So far I have not encountered pigs while riding so I am learning something here.


I'd never heard that horses had aversions to pigs.

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