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February 18, 2008



I love this pic. My cats would never even consider a ride on the horse. Hilarious!


Love it!
We had a gingercat at the yard that used to sit on our mare's back in the stable. She had no rug on, so puss must have been careful with her claws. There was a hen that roosted in the rafters above her too. Quite a funny sight to behold the three of them when you looked in the stable door!


I know of a barn cat who would leap to the horse's back from the hayloft, hang on a few minutes by the claws, then when the horse realized what was going on, would settle down and all would be more or less happy.

How does your cat get on the horse? That seems to be the critical point.

Victoria Cummings

Everyone needs a buddy. I'm glad Doru and Claws have each other. In one barn where we boarded our horses, there was an old pony who had a kitty of her own. The cat lived in the pony's stall and they were inseparable. Strange, since big cats like mountain lions are the ultimate predators for horses.


Claws looks comfy!

Your animals are fun and have great personalities...it makes them special.


Claws has jumped up from the hitching rail, an easy leap for an agile cat. He often jumps onto horses. I've never seen a horse get mad with him. He likes to hang out with the horses in the field, and doesn't mind when they investigate him with their noses.

As a stallion, Doru spends more time alone, so he likes a companion. In winter, he can be turned out with geldings, and often works paired with a gelding too (and occasionally paired with a mare that isn't in season).

I Gallop On

That's fabulous. I had an old orange tabby barn cat who used to do that.


I guess the blankets make it more comfortable when he jumps, and they probably like the warmth and companionship. Or maybe I'm just anthorpomorphizing.


Our cats have thankfully got a healthy fear of our horses and keep clear of them (thankfully because I've known some stables where many cats have missing or misshapen tails or feet!) I did, once, have a tiny toy terrier who regularly jumped up and nested on the back of my dear old QH gelding, Tosca, and napped while I cleaned stalls of a winter morning. They were quite warm friends, and I think Tosca benefitted from the companionship as much as little Bernard (11 inches tall including upright ears) benefitted from the warmth - and the increase in stature!


If my cat Blanche (one of 4) were in Claws's situation, she'd be doing the same thing exactly. She has to settle for the electric version, which is quite to her satisfaction..

Strawberry Lane

Oh, this is just too cute!!

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