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February 06, 2008



A pith helmet? OMG! I'm afraid I'd be laughing non-stop. Oh, I hope you have a picture of that!


I couldn't believe the pith helmet either. That is really a hoot! But a horse grooming on a pig and a yearling nursing laying down sound like maybe you should be writing a book. Lol Thanks for playing along.


As we keep telling you, you must write a book. I want Gelu. Any horse that will mutually groom with a pig has to be a serious character.

And he hides his head so you won't see his halter is gone?!?! That's hysterical.

Very interesting post about very interesting horses.

Victoria Cummings

What smart horses you have! Where's the photo of Gelu and the pig? That's so funny!


Good list.


Gelu sounds like MY kind of horse :)


Callie and RR: just see my next post. You will be rewarded!

Anne: I must get on with that book. In what Danielle describes as "our copious free time". How do people manage who also have children and a social life?

Victoria: Somewhere I have a photo of Gelu with the pig. I'll search.

BG: I can imagine you getting on well with Gelu. He is one of those once-in-a-lifetime horses that one never forgets. I hope that he makes it to a ripe old age like Scooter.

Strawberry Lane

What an interesting list of characters you have for your book ... that we are all waiting breathlessly to read.

Now Olga is something ... a little gourmet girl!

Strawberry Lane

I've lost the track, but you suggested somewhere about creating a tag about photos of people back when, in perhaps amusing situations. What a fun idea!

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