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February 04, 2008



I can't say that my dogs were ever smart enough to figure out the horses were warning them off. LOL

I tagged you at my blog with one of those pesky viruses, but this one is at least about horses. It is kinda fun. Check my blog for details.


nothing like a ride to clear your head! especially on a nippy day.

I like the new mare, but I am partial to bays anyhow!

My Old Guy does not tolerate dogs at all....hes been known to maim more than one that tried to chase him.


Don't you be insulting my lovely Balanca! ; ) Danielle


That's interesting about the dogs distinguishing between horses that are part of their "pack" and intruding horses. My dog is like that with cats. She learned to be quite gentle with my little white cat who unfortunately died last month and she likes the neighbors' black cat who was raised with dogs and comes to visit her sometimes. On the other side, though, lives another black cat who always stayed indoors until a few months ago and my dog goes nuts when she sees him in the yard. She likes horses and is usually good with them but can't be trusted around those that are afraid of dogs. If they run from her, she thinks it's a big game.


The dogs grew up from birth with cats around, so they don't suffer from the mistaken view that they are, er, top dog. (Danielle will tell you about my awful puns.) They will chase the cats up to a point, then five minutes later we find the dogs curled up asleep with sundry cats. Another time I've seen Luke the colt leading the dogs in a run around the field. It's partly that they were chasing Rozy, partly (I think) that the dogs thought that Rozy was playing with them.

The only exception to this rule is chickens, which the dogs appear to enjoy chasing for the fun of seeing feathers fly.


That sounds like my theory about dogs. I think that dogs assume that everybody likes to wrestle and chase the way they do among themselves unless they learn otherwise by experience (such as being kicked or scratched). Lucky dogs get a small scratch or are lightly grazed by a hoof before they get themselves into serious trouble. My dog is hopeless with birds in general. I guess it's her retrieving blood.

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