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February 13, 2008



I'm so sorry. Very sad. She seems young for that, but I guess horses can get bad hearts, too.

I know you'll do the right thing. She looks comfortable and peaceful in the trailer. Comfort and peace. That's the end most of us hope for (except for those of us hoping to be struck by lightning while riding at horse at 92.)

Good luck. I look forward to reading more about your mare.


Anne: thank you for your kind words. The vet thinks that she has reached a fairly normal age for these big Lipizzaner-derived draught horses. She looked happy in the stable a few minutes ago, interested mainly in her feed.

Tracey/Desperate Horsewife

Oh, J~ I'm so sorry! I know what it's like to wait for that day; did it with a gelding we'd had for 28 years. It's not easy. Lucky for her to have you, who loves her enough to have checked out the problem rather than just writing her off. I'll bet she loves you as much as you do her.


Poor Kaluga!


Sorry about your pretty mare. She's lucky to have such caring owners who will make sure she enjoys a proper retirement, even if it ends up being brief.

mike golch

I'm sorry that your horse is haveing that much trouble.we love our cats as well and when it came aparent that they did not have long for the world we had to put them to sleep.My wife and are getting to old for this when our Harvey is gone that's it.I know that there is a bug difference between a cat or dog and a horse,but they are our "babys".


I'm so sorry. I think she has had a life she has loved though, working along side you, doing her job. She wasn't one of those left in a stall for months on end, and in that she is lucky. I'm sure you will give her loving and dignified days until the time comes. Sending her and you very loving thoughts across all these miles....


I have tears in my eyes the sturdy Kaluga carried me for 5 days in 2006 and was ever reliable and mostly chose to walk her own path I invariably deferred to her greater experience. A great horse gave me Beautiful memories. Goodbye Kaluugaaaa


Sorry doesn't seem adequate. Our mare had heart failure too. She started to have little heart attacks almost daily, so we had her put down humanly while she was munching a bowl of feed. She knew nothing.
I'll be thinking of you.

Tracy P.

She is having a peaceful, gentle end and that is a gift. Sorry for what you will have to go through. It never gets easier, does it?


I'm so sorry about Kaluga. She looks so sweet and trusting--I regret that I'll never meet her. It's really good of you to do whatever you can for her as long as she isn't suffering. I think that animals appreciate that more than we know. My little cat ran to to door when I came home on the last day of her life even though she was kind of staggering. Just minutes before she died she crept over to rub her face against mine on the pillow.

Is there no chance of medical help? My dog lived three more years on medication after being diagnosed with heart failure, but maybe it's different with horses. I didn't realize that draught horses had a shorter life span.

It's good that she is still interested in her feed. My friend who is a hospice physician says that when anybody, human or animal, is getting ready to die they lose interest in food and water and that's what both my cat and my dog did. He says it's a pretty peaceful way to go.

William Thirteen

from the rich bounty of a life well led a feast in her honor!

Strawberry Lane

"Never Again" ... that just breaks my heart.

For Kaluga the time has come for rest, comfort and the loving care she has earned through her years of hard work.

I know this must be hard for you. She is fortunate to have you. And how wonderful that we were able to know her.


It is always sad to lose one of our animal friends. I love my babies and it is very tragic to even think of losing them. How sad your friend is on her way to Rainbow's End but we must go on and love them while they are still here. My heart is heavy with grief for your girl. Take care ...


My heart goes out to you; it's never easy when one of our beloved animals dies.I hope that she passes quietly in her sleep before you have to "do the right thing", that God will gently call her home.


:( Not happy news at all....she's the real 'mascot' horse of the yard. I hope her last days are restful & that she doesn't leave too large a 'hole' in the day-to-day running now that you have Tudor etc too. Hugs to Kaluga, & to all of you guys too, it's never fun waiting for the end



I am so sorry about Kaluga.

She will be able to reach a gentle and peaceful end, thanks to you.


So sorry to hear this news. It's a tough time to go thru. I'm glad you're giving her the best treatment in her final days. It's nice to see a good horse respected and honored during this time. When we lose one, we retire their halter and bridle to a place on the wall with a favorite picture.


Poor Kaluga. That is hard for you to watch too.


hey jullian
thats so sad kaluga was awsom my dad was reaaly sad after he found out.


Aaaww.....I caught up now, I'm so sorry. She's so young yet. I hope all is peaceful for her.


It's a gift to horses from God that they have loving masters sending them off gently to sleep instead of Nature's way of sending in the wolves... for once, we are allowed to do good for those innocents who do so much for our souls. "There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man." My condolances.

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