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February 07, 2008



LMAO! I really appreciate the photo! You had to have laughed the whole time. I would have to excuse myself because there is no way I'd be able to keep a straight face!!!!!!!


My husband's reaction to the photo and story is, "Oh dear!" LOL


It was comical, and the poor chap was oblivious. There are some most eccentric Engish people around. Sometimes amusing things do happen, and the most difficult task can be stopping some guests laughing at another. For instance, the time when a lady appeared with the old sort of jodhpurs that are baggy around the thighs, as if she were a character in a comedy sketch.


When you initially told this story, I had to do a google image search of "pith helmet" and was so stunned that someone wore one-- hahahaha Well Julian, you're fond of historical memorabilia, maybe you ought to find your own distinctive piece of head gear!


That is just too funny.

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