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February 08, 2008



Hey Transman! Got some Clydesdale feet on my blog today. Blow up the pic and you'll see them better. Interesting, but one little loose nail.. you'll see!
Sorry you got kicked yesterday. Be careful! You don't want them to get you in "sweet spot" on the back of your head. Dang ornery critters!


Excellent depiction, Julian! I was going over some of your older posts and the one that depressed me most was about people in Lunca having to deal with the EU regulations starting in 2007. Is the local bakery still closed? The bread was among the best and tasty IMO, and always fresh. Is there any chance to get any money from the EU development funds to support local farmers going though these times of major change, like for a new bakery or milk processing?

Strawberry Lane

Well, now, this stresses me.

To think that a small place on this planet is still in touch with the past and is now being confronted by the blowing winds of change is too disturbing.

And, at the same time, it is getting bad press for doing so.

There is something so refreshing about clicking on your site and reading about another world.

Just the mention of Walmart is enough to cause one to hyperventilate.

I don't recall the exact quote or who should be credited. (Help me out here, Julian.)

It goes something like:
"I'm in favor of progress as long as nothing changes."


It's interesting reading about the changes in stress levels living in the country and working for yourself , I spent my whole life commuting to work all over the place and now I look back not even sure why I had to run so fast . Living in the country changes your perspective, my neighbor is a local farmer who gets me to help during harvest time and it never ceases to amaze me how pissed off the city commuters get when they are stuck behind us on a tractor or combine , by the time they overtake you can see the stress ingrained on their faces and I wonder WHY , this is even at weekends when we should all slow down and enjoy life .

The scary bit is I was like that just 8 years ago



Interesting topic, and even more interesting answer. Funny what stresses people out.

Are you a stresshead?

I have given you an award. You'll have to copy and paste it to your blog and then pass it on.


When I think of Romania, I think of mystery and horses, rugged, strong, interesting people. I love dropping in here and reading about your life there and seeing the beautiful photos.

It is sad that others do not see it as I.

I am a believer of that simpler and organized living is a stress-free life.

Now if I can only do that!


Mikey: I don't think that I'm as indestructible as you, so I'll take care.

Emil: There is a new bakery, it's OK. Getting EU funds is extremely difficult unless one is wealthy already, or ex-PCR nomenclatura. The EU doesn't aim to create a level playing field. The point of the grants is to make the big bigger.

SL: I think that there is a battle to be played out between the peasants' conservatism and traditional independence, and the new regime driven by the greed of agribiz and the likes of Walmart. But for inertia, this place could become an enclave surrounded by subburbs and factory farms.

Steve: I know what you mean. I used to live 25 miles outside London. Everyone was so stressed. The medics were busy handing out pills for stress and depression.

Scary: I can get stressed if I allow myself. However riding is a good antidote. A good partner brings perspective too. Thanks for the award.

BG: Thinking about the peasants here, maybe I am a real "conservative" who wants to preserve what is good. It sounds like you too are one. When politicians and business leaders see all in terms of profit, it shows that they have lost true spirituality. The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.


I've been so stressed (actually, I got stressed so I 've tried to spend time away from the computer) that I didn't find this wonderful answer to my question until just now! Thank you for writing such a well-thought-out, interesting answer.

I wonder if the people would be more responsible and far-sighted if they weren't still recovering from communism? It may take a while for personal responsibility to grow back.

I know that in the stories I have heard of my agrarian grandparents that everything that was done was done with some regard for the future. If that's thrown out of the window, it may take a while to come back. Unless it's replaced by the materialist myth you talk about in your very deep post I haven't finished digesting.

Simpler is almost always less stressful. Probably our more technologically "advanced" culture would be less stressful than your rural Romanian one IF we hadn't used technology to speed everything up, creating far more stress.

It's late and I'm babbling. More later.

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