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February 01, 2008


Victoria Cummings

Hi - Just got your post on my blog as I was getting up to feed the horses at 6 am. Wish I could have some of that firewood right now. We've almost out and our woodpile is too green. There was an ice storm here yesterday. The ground looked wet, but it was like a skating rink EVERYWHERE. Then, we got over an inch of rain - hopefully, it's melted now.


I've been complaining because it's been in the 40s. I guess I shouldn't tell you that it's supposed to get in the 60s today.

But your surroundings look much more picturesque, and the smell of burning wood sounds like a wonderful addition.

Thanks for your comment about Lucy's healing, by the way. She's on a mostly regular schedule with the farrier and her feet are okay now. She's barefoot. In the photo her hooves were packed with dirt -- they really don't look that bad. Do you think shoes would help?


Victoria: it sounds like you're suffering from some severe weather. Hope it clears soon. If I've learnt one thing lately, it is to stock up early on firewood, giving it time to dry thoroughly.

Anne: surprisingly, it was just above freezing today, and really felt quite mild. As for Lucy, I'd go with what your farrier suggests. He is there on the spot. Staying barefoot when she is lame makes sense unless there is a specific reason for a veterinary shoe. That's a decision best taken by your farrier and vet.


Be careful about your chimney getting clogged burning green wood. It could catch on fire and burn your house down. I had a small chimney fire on night, we were lucky and still up when it happened or the outcome could have been different.


RR: thanks for the warning. I do try to keep the chimney swept regularly. I've had one chimney fire, a great roaring blaze that made the house vibrate even though little flame exited the top of our very tall chimney. It was thought-provoking. You're right, green wood generates a lot of tar.

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