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February 20, 2008



It's amazing really, how money dictates.....especially said "charities"


omg. that photo and article made me want to weep for these poor horses.

People are so cruel. Sometimes govt's are sooo stupid.

I Gallop On

"... victims of a disastrous attempt to bring the country into line with European Union law by banning horse-drawn carts from main roads."

This is sickening. I hate big government.

Idiots. Can you imagine all of the training those horses have had to be able to plow, pull carts, stand quietly in traffic, etc.? In the U.S., we seem to have lots of horses that can do only one task -- dressage, hunter/jumper, trail, etc. You know, you could never ride that dressage horse on the trail because he's never been out of the arena, etc.

What a waste of life this situation is with the Romanian horses. And what a waste of talent that someone doesn't recognize the usefulness of these multi-tasking equines.

I wish I could take at least one (or two) home.

I Gallop On

You know, it also occurs to me that the Romanian government might be shooting itself in the foot for tourism as well. I would think that people who work in big cities with lots of expendable income would love to spend a week in a charming countryside where there are horses and carts about. The whole pastoral thing.

From the purely practical perspective of attracting tourist dollars, it doesn't sound like a smart move to me.

Modernity. Bah.

Now I will stop my ranting. ;-)


I like to think the heartbreaking situation in which those horses abandoned by their mostly (?) gypsy owners are, is restricted to relatively isolated areas around Galati and Bucharest. How spread you feel is the problem, Julian? got the same anger now I had in the past with regard to stray dogs in large cities – for every crisis created as a direct result of man’s mistakes, the animal is the first and the only one to pay. Is this the purpose of domestication?


Callie: there seems to ge a great difference between genuine charities and the "lord it over others" sort.

BG: behind every abandoned horse is a family that has lost its livelihood. The government has thought of none of this.

Igallopon: plus, it is cheaper to run a small farm using horses. Mechanisation reduces output per $ invested. The Amish grow more food per $ than "modern" farms. Yes, tourists come to see "tradition", however the idiots in government want to force tourists into big city hotels. So they will just visit another country instead.

Emil: the problem of abandoned horses is worst in the south, because that is where the law is being enforced. However, it is spreading. Around other cities, farmers are being forced to sell horses (mainly for slaughter, I think), then of course the farmer is unemployed. The government imagines that the unemployed will all just emigrate to Spain, making "unwanted" people "disappear". It shocks me that a European government can be so cavalier. I even here word that Romania should be thrown out of the EU - which will please the "muscovite" faction in government.

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