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March 15, 2008



Marmalade is a beauty. She looks like she may like it inside the feed store!

interesting how your windows can be removed and why.


I was chopping wood earlier today. Our cat was not content to sit inside and watch through the window. She miaowed to be let out and sat and watched from a stump. Nothing patient about her.


We used to own a cat named marmalade. She would have been hiding out in there too. I do think farms and such are great places for cats. There's so much for them to do and good hunting too.


Marmalade is a big, friendly cat, with a nose for exploring. There is a lot for him to explore too.

We also have a kitten that tries to jump onto the chopping block when we're cutting wood. When we try and pick up wood to take to the fire, he'll jump on the pieces that we want. We need to be careful when he is around!

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