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March 10, 2008



You know what's the best outcome predictor for back pain? It's not the therapy, or the age, or the pain intensity, or the MRI results. It's how pleased one is with his job. With your love for what you are doing, I bet you will forget all about it in no time, with or without a chiropractor on hand.


I appreciate my chiropractor especially when he works on my horse and fixes whatever has ended up out of place there.


im very jealous julian... since the baby my rides consist of hurried two hour hacks whilst worrying how the baby will be reacting back home.. how i dream of those free rides before...
ive just watched three of our riders head off into the hills with paolo..how i would love to be with them! The kms you have done are impressive, I think everyone in this industry suffers from back pain at some time..or knee and ankle problems....in my case the latter.


Glad you were able to forget about the back issue for awhile and enjoy the ride. I miss the balnace and seat I used to have. Since MS, my balance sucks. I work real hard to get that. Thankfully I have forgiving mares and we limit it to short rides in arena.


Emil: That's a good point. Unfortunately the job includes balancing the books, coaxing work out of people, and interfacing with officialdom. Those are the bits that incite pain, not the going off riding.

RR: A chiropractor would be good for horses and for me.

Jess: In a few years you will have the pleasure of teaching your children to ride. I just wish that the back pain can be managed. I've led rides where I have been virtually crippled. On other rides I've been as heavily dosed as possible with Tramadol and Ketoprofen whilst maintaining enough balance to stay on the horse. My first stop in the West will be a chiropractor. (Danielle is healthy, and says that her first stop will be MacDonald's!)

Callie: Doru can give me exciting moments when I forget back pain. Stallions can be so interesting to ride. I think that you are doing brilliantly to keep riding with MS. I am sure that you will have many years of enjoyable riding ahead.


Digitaal delay? As I recal you use a Canon as do I.I half depress the shutter button to achieve Light and Focus then fully depress at the moment required. This works great for action shots at least with my S3IS Canon.

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