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March 09, 2008



Hope whatever is going on turns out well and the way y'all would like it to. Positive vibes to you. Relax!!

Victoria Cummings

That the horses feel secure enough to sleep this way is such a great thing. I hope that all your plans work out as you'd like and that you will be able to share good news soon.


Since all problems we experience in life are human-generated, they all find resolution in due time. The best thing one can do is relax and trust the proper solution is just around the corner. What matters is you being content with the effort put into it - everything else will fall into place. A lot has to do with your own perception of things, and the depressing surroundings before spring blossoms doesn’t help either. Just hang in there, Julian! Spring will come…


I hope things turnout no matter what the problem is. And I hope that spring arrives soon.


I love the pic of them lying down, they do look so relaxed!


Feeling that you have contributed to happy relaxed horses is one of the best feeling in Life! Sending good vibes for you soon to be just as happy and relaxed as a contented horse napping in the spring sun.

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