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March 04, 2008


Tadhg Dublin

Dunno Julian. I think you could have exposed a whole new area of business here. Will watch with interest.


A long time ago, I rode in a bluejean long circle skirt, but I had men's long thermal underwear on under it and my boots. That was the time Jess and I had to jump off her running back to the barn Quarter Horse in the snow. Funny story, really.......


Oh dear. When I worked at a trail riding centre as a teenager, I once guided a teenage girl who insisted that she would be fine wearing a schoolgirl kilt on an hour-long ride in April. Halfway around the trail, sleet started to fall. By the time we got back, her knees were just about blue. To her credit, she didn't complain, though.


Later on, I thought about Xenophon, who wrote that a horse should stand still at the mounting point so that his rider can adjust the skirts of his robe.

Callie: I hope that you will post your story. I can just imagine you parachuting down into the snow.

Tadhg: I'll get working on the "Godiva trail".

Ariella: Teenagers were tougher in those days. Nowadays you'd need a risk assessment, she'd probably invalidate the insurance, and there would be whining.


LOL, Julian, I will soon...It was pretty crazy. I may have posted it last year, but I certainly can bring it back to life!


Julian, Here's the link to the post.


Simply Marvelous

This attire just might become the future trend.

Actually, I'm fascinated by the saddle pad.


I agree, the saddle pad does look intresting.


The saddle pad is a sheepskin. For a while, I used sheepskins because they seemed to be soft and absorbent. However, in summer some horses' backs overheated below the sheepskins, causing heat rash. So, except in winter, I've gone back to folded army blankets for saddle pads.


People are so bizarre! Congratulations on the NY post though.


Getting coverage in the NY Post sounds like an accomplishment to me. Use the clippings to get more interest elsewhere. I'm sure you're doing that.

Wish I could get sent to Romania to do a story on y'all. I'd even wear pants.

To go all that way, know how to ride, and wear a stretchy skirt instead of pants. What a world!

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