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May 04, 2008



The goods things you stated are obvious. It's a shame , the world is chock of jack*sses that are out to screw you. Hopefully the horses won't suffer. Good luck!


I know you must be feeling like "when will it all end"? It will. What an eye-opener for all of us.

How do you get to renegotiate a price after you've agreed? Heavens!

So glad that you're back in civilization and enjoying your rides and the weather. Hope Doru is feeling better.


Although I am a left-leaning Liberal in the USA, I frequently quote a sage saying of Ronald Reagan: "Trust, but verify." Trust people to be true to their own natures. I trust people always - but try not to give them the opportunity to commit offenses against me and mine... I sure hope your re-valued horses are okay.


I think you were to gentle in your article. When you are talking about Indrei and Pamela Ratiu, you don't need to be a gentleman. I am from Turda too and as you might know, in a small town everybody knows each other. The R's "work" very hard to create a shinny image of themselves here. But the people who had the mischance to collaborate with them know how far they are from that image. Indrei Ratiu is British and his wife is American. He's Romanian half descends from an important Transylvanian family, but he was born in UK and the people from Turda (who worked for/with him) agree that he has nothing in common with a well educated person. He is more like a real communist, demagogue and dictatorial the total opposite of the values he likes to bring up when he talks about The Ratiu Center for Democracy.
Unfortunately, you are not the first one who was fobbed off with promises and I'm sure nor the last one. But please, do not say anymore that Indrei Ratiu is Romanian, because he disgraced our nationality and people from Turda do not see him with good eye.


Sorry for the off-topic, but I have a private question to ask, so I would like to know if you can still be contacted to the Romanian-related gmail address ?

Dan Davis

Our family too, spent 13 years total in Romania. We were 3 years in Bucuresti and 10 in Cluj-Napoca. We left with many, hurt and sad feelings. We realized before we left that nothing we had done as missionaries had made the slightest difference in the lives of the people we served and worked to help. They are only angry that we left them and were not there to ask for things when they need something.

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