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April 21, 2009


Naomi Smith, down Mexico way, south TX, USA

I just received your update, so heart-wrenching. I am so happy for you and Danielle on your new life together, and at the same time so very sad for your loss of time spent in Romania. Of course, you know it all happens for a reason, and know that none of your time there was spent in vain. I believe you gave light, hope, and joy to those you touched, what they choose to do with what they recived is their choice. Know that you did your best. That community does not realize what they loss, and consciously, may never know, however, deep in their hearts, they know. Be proud of the soul work you did for them. In time, I believe they will come to understand, soften, and appreciate it all.

I hope you will continue to write on this blog, if you change, please invite me to join your group, whatever you write about. I love reading what you write. I believe you should send a manuscript of your "Transylvanian Horseman" tale to publishers. I believe this will be an excellent read in book form, and possible new income for you. Look at U.S. President Barrack Obama, he made over 2-million in royalties on his book sales alone in 2008. Any amount is helpful these days. Go For IT!

Take care, both of you, you two seem like old friends to me. And, I hope to continue to hear from you, and the most vivid colors and tales of your lives.


How very sad! I am hoping that despite the odds somehow your horses have found a home with kind people.

Amelia Seifert

Dear Julian and Danielle,

A happy Christmass Season to you!

I'm very sorry to hear things didn't work out in Transylvania. It sounds like a messy affair and I hope your much happier where you are now.

My experences working at Stephan Cel Mare all those years ago have been in the back of my mind for the last few years, as I've been pottering through an Anthropology Degree in Belfast. I am now contemplating a masters, and turning my thoughts to research possibilities. One idea that keeps popping up in my head is returning to Romainia and focusing the on the (presumably changing) relationship between the people, the land the EU and the horse based agricultural lifestyle. You had mentioned that Romania had the largest working horse population in the world at the time, if I recall correctly?

Due to not being awefull at languages, I had given some thought to ways of potentially getting round the language barrier. I had wondered about contacting the vet you used to employ. When I worked with him and his fiance at your farm, assisting in surgery and the like, they had said that they thought I learn Romanian and enroll in the University where he taught. A dodgy idea, but it did suggest that perhaps they wouldn't mind having me around. My idea (all very hypothetical at the moment) was to contact that vet (whos name I can't recall...) and see if he would be interested in taking on a helper/researcher for a short time. I could then hopefully make use of his translation skill while meeting and conversing with many horse based agriculturalists in diffent parts of the country.

I know how you feel about Romania in general, but I still think it may be a valuable research direction, as the dirth of horses is unusual in itself and the junture of this more traditional lifestyle and relationship to animals and the joining of modern Europe.

Your thoughts on this proposition would be most helpfull.

Many thanks,

-Amelia-Roisin Seifert

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