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April 30, 2010


Cristian Similaru

Hi, Mr. Julian!

Do you remember me? I was visiting you at Lunca Ilvei, in 2003, in reason to start a co/operation with you, for some harnesses making or repairing. Maybe you remember our business together did not worked, but I remember with big pleasure about you, about your extraordinary horses and about the landscapes, mountaines and everything there. I know that a lot of time is past, but I just get the news about your leaving and I felt very sad. I decided to write to you just becouse you have to know that exists in Romania people who regret your leaving and who really apreciated you. I am very sorry firstly for the horses, (including your lost horses), for all the Romanian horses, they lost in you maybe the strongest deffenser and the best friend. I am a fair horse lover and you were maybe the most serious person that I meet in Romania, who could study and analyse the Romanian horses problems.
I readed your blogs and you are perfect right about Romanin people, Romanian gouvernment, and everything. If you like restart comunicate with me, the pleasure will be mine. If not, anyway you know I totally apreciate you and the activity that you done in my country. All the best for you, for your wife, for your friends, for your animals, for your horses!

Joanne Filkins

Hi Julian,

It's nice to get an update from you! For some reason I was never able to get your new blog after you left Romania, but maybe that is over now too since you have moved on.

The post above is refreshing. I'm glad that somebody in Romania appreciated you and your concern for the horses.

I'm curious about your new location but won't post any guesses because I know that unfriendly people have tried to track you down.

Last summer I had the chance to travel in your homeland, mostly by train and may have passed close to your former location on the way to Devon. The countryside was lovely!

Best wishes in your new endeavors.



I'm glad to see from the first comment there were some there who appreciated what you offered even if most didn't get it. Change is hard and far too many go kicking and screaming in resistance. Unfortunately those are the ones exploited by the corrupt who are really the only ones who stand to gain from keeping anyone stuck in the past.

sorin fodor

Hi Julian,

I hope to see you again sometime,


Ioana Tarnovean

hey there

i'm glad that i finally found a way to get in touch with you. hope you will answer me and wee can keep in touch. you can't imagin how much i miss you guys, i really do


Rugged Maniac

Hey there, glad to have an update. I like the high mountains.

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