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September 04, 2008


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That reminds me of the school lunch line. I always wanted to get more of the food I wanted but I didn't want my lunch money to run out before it should. I wasn't into hiding food, although I have seen it done; I just liked to push the limits of how much I could get without being charged for a double serving. When you are in school, sometimes it is the little things that help you get through the long day.

Now that I am in college saving money on food is more about being smart about what I buy at the grocery store, comparing unit prices and buying store brand. And of course avoiding eating out because that can get expensive fast, even for fast food!

And here in college I have my horses. Even if I don't have time to ride, it is enough to get out to feed and groom them; just having the time to be with my horses makes a huge difference to me.


In case you wondered, yes, I do sound kind of like that woman. And in my head, you sound like David Tennant.

(And yes, horses really *do* make life more meaningful. I totally understand.)


My colleagues who hide food will be glad to know that they aren't alone. Likewise the corporate lady. I didn't expect anyone to identify with the lady from the deep south - though she might inspire a writer travelling by train to create a character.

If Danielle and I have a garden in the future then maybe we can grow some food?

The yard and the horses are a world apart from work, although there are some odd politics going on between some people at the moment.

I'll have to watch Dr Who and see if I sound like David Tennant. An interesting thought.

Victoria Cummings

I know just how you're feeling. How lucky to have D. and those beautiful hills to ride away all that office crud. The older i get, the more ridiculously grateful I am for my horses. May I suggest something a little crazy - take a washcloth and rub it on D. so it's full of that good horsey scent. Then, put it in your desk drawer at work. When you need a reminder of who you really are, you can take a quick whiff.

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