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December 25, 2008


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Your office/tack room, seems very cozy and comfy, now with music added it must be a great place to relax and reflect. I'm sure your sheepskins do smell, but as long as you keep the door closed, and you can stand the smell, oh well...


of course you have a copy of Herodotus within reach! essential reading for the curious traveler. it's an endless source of oddities, information (with a grain of salt) and inspiration, even if some do call him the father of lies...

and xenophon is always interesting. have your read his 'anabasis'? there is a great scene in which cyrus, i think, is trying to assemble an army of horsemen by convincing them that, if they learn to ride, they will become like centaurs - only better. of course the greeks despised centaurs (and persians,) and used the comparison as an insult, but the image is wonderful...

White Horse Pilgrim

GHM: it is a nice office. At the moment I am enjoying Brahms (and a G&T!) The fleeces were well enough washed. Anyway, I remember that Victoria Cummings suggested that I take something that smells of the horses to my London office to remind me of them - perhaps a fleece would be overkill however:)

jme: Herodotus was quite a storyteller, and how fortunate we are that his work has survived. I haven't read Xenophon's "Anabasis" - I ought to. However I have read the "Anabasis of Josef Svejk" which I thoroughly recommend (though from it you will learn little about horses or indeed anything scholarly!) I suppose that there is the scene where Lieutenent Dub gets horribly drunk and then tries to ride, promptly falling off with such vigour that his head gets stuck in a hole in the ground. I ought to have read that out aloud to some of my clients at the riding centre!

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