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December 26, 2008


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I like those two horses very much, they look so sturdy and well behaved. When my daughter leads the horses down the path/road from the paddock to barn she can usually handle them in groups of three or four, and can put up with their antics. I'm only comfortable taking two at a time and then only the well mannered ones who listen to me. It's good to be on alert all the time for any nonsense and not let them get away with it, correction on the spot is our motto.


They're such handsome horses. You look well too - in good spirits and happy. :)

"The road is rather narrow." That's a classic British understatement! Is that really a two-way road? Seriously?

White Horse Pilgrim

GHM: they are robust horses and fairly sensible, though there is a little of the adolescent in them at times. I thought that was a gelding thing, however the stallion is a bit like that too. I correct them pretty quickly. Mainly I have to be careful because the houses on that street are inhabited by posh people with children, so I mustn't turn the air too blue when sorting out the rascals!

Funder: I guess that I'm in good spirits because I'm with my horses rather than working. I'd had rather a good lunch too, but nothing to drink as DUI is taken very seriously indeed here (and for good reason).

It's a rural road accessing a hamlet and some houses, therefore single track with passing places. It is a bad idea to go flying along such a road, and one does need to know how to reverse neatly. We do like our understatements, and indeed I like words such as "disagreeable" to describe near calamities.


I am also glad to see you happy and holding onto your horses.... pun intended :) May that last for many years....


You all look like you're enjoying your walk! A belated Merry Christmas to you and Danielle!


who wouldn't be happy when surrounded by horses? :-) it's good you can get them out in a field, even if it's a bit of a hike to get there. i always end up feeling like a kung fu master when i lead more than one over a long distance, as i'm always blocking attacks from all directions as the horses try to wind each other up or become competitive... and then there is the shouting of obscenities, which i'm sure my neighbors love at 6am or in the evening as they sit down to dinner. a horse 'whisperer' i am not. ;-)

White Horse Pilgrim

Callie: it's a pleasant walk. You have a great 2009.

jme: it's two minutes walk up the road. Fortunately the two of them behave fairly well, though today they wanted to trot home and then, when a vehicle needed to pass, D thought it amusing to swing his butt out across the road. (I have known another horse who would try to block vehicles, like he was trying to herd them, not really a very useful trait!) I try to keep language under control as the small children around there doubtless will repeat what I say. Well, I hope that they don't call their mother "fat brown pig" or whatever non-obscene phrase gets used. Hopefully their ears will be shut the day that I get bitten or trodden on!

Today I needed to break half an inch of ice from the trough in the field, which is why I have an axe in the car. (Probably illegally, given the crazy laws over here. All part of "fighting terrorism", of course. The knife in my saddlebags is illegal too, however quite handy in an emergency.)

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