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January 14, 2009


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Riding indoors is not as nice as taking a nature ride out in the countryside. Still it's better than nothing when it's cold and dark.


Someday, I'll have an indoor arena! Well, a girl can dream!


For me, the number one motivating factor for riding my horses is having someone to ride with.

Victoria Cummings

Oh what I'd give right now for an indoor arena - you're a lucky guy!

White Horse Pilgrim

GHM: fortunately the weather was nice enough outside this weekend - cold admittedly but sunny.

Callie & Victoria: it's a shared arena that all the boarders can use, in fact an old converted farm buiding hence it isn't 40x20m but more like about 30m square with several pillars in the centre. The pillars make for a bit of care riding, however no-one seems to have ridden into one lately!

Nick: it is nice to have someone to ride with. Round here it's difficult to find riding companions, however I do have an occasional fellow rider when she isn't on duty at the airport.

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